The 3 Most Important Safety Tips When Using Roof Anchors

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Any time you have employees working at height, they are exposed to the possibility of experiencing slips and injuries. Though your schedule may be hectic, it’s your responsibility as a manager or supervisor or even a company owner to provide your employees with the necessary fall protection systems to safeguard their lives.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls With Height Safety Contractors

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At Anchored Height Safety, we know that you need your service providers to have the right insurance as height safety installations and inspections involve a high level of risk. General ‘tradie’ insurance will not cover most works at height and typically specialised insurance will be required.

Height Safety – Always Our Top Priority

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It’s no secret. Working at heights is very risky. Whether your team is painting a two-story roof or doing routine maintenance on a higher commercial structure, there’s always the risk of injury. The secret to getting on and off a high workspace comes down to two words – height safety.

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