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Roof Ladders

Anchored offers custom designed roof ladders to meet your site requirements. Offering a range of Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel products, our team of skilled specialist install all ladders compliant to Australian Standard AS1657-2013.

Our roof ladder frames are sturdily constructed using high grade aluminium, while the rungs are manufactured with safety grip to ensure superior stability. Anchored also offer a range of optional extras such as lockable doors and gates to prevent unauthorised access.

We have all types of ladders that will suit all potential requirements.

Types of Roof Access Ladders

  • Caged Ladder systems

    • Caged ladders are used in many different applications and is Suitable for heights of up to 6.0M.
  • Caged Platform Ladder Systems

    • Caged platform ladders are used up to 12m high. KATT Vertical Cage Ladder with Midway Landing Platform.
  • Fall arrest ladders with vertical fall arrest cables

    • These ladder are used when caged ladder systems are not practical and are Suitable for heights of up to 6.0M.
  • Step ladders and bridges

    • Our step ladders and bridges are 150kg industrial rated for single person use across industrial and commercial applications.
  • Pull down attic ladders

    • We offer 3 sizes depending on your requirements. Compact, commercial and maxi. Contact us for more information.
  • Mini Access ladders

    • Mini access ladder are use for many reasons. To get from one roof level to another .

Anchored partners with leading height safety equipment suppliers to provide an unrivalled product range. Corrosion resistant and easy to install, our roof ladders are more than just basic system, they are designed for safety and ease of use.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our clients get the best products they need for their projects and all in a timely manner to ensure that project deadlines are met.

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