Height Safety Systems

Height Safety Systems

Height safety products that meet strict Australian Standards.

Looking for height safety products for your Melbourne high rise project? At Anchored Height Safety, we’re committed to safeguarding lives and securing all heights-related projects with our height safety products. We design and install height safety equipment to make working at heights safer for you, your team, and investments.

Wide Range of Height Safety Products

Roof Anchor Points

A vital role in any fall protection system. Our team can install, test, and certify your anchor points and fall arrest systems are manufactured to the highest Australian Standards and correctly installed.

Roof Ladders

We can custom design ladder systems to meet your specific site and roof access requirements. High-grade specialist Aluminium ladders compliant with AS1657-2013 and installed by our qualified team.

Roof Handrails

Custom-designed roof handrails manufactured from high-grade aluminium or steel. Guardrail Systems are an effective fall protection barrier for your roofs and elevated work areas.

Roof Walkways

Aluminium and fibreglass roof walkways make roof maintenance and passage safer. Designed for stability and to prevent slippage, all walkways are compliant with The Australia Standard AS1657.

Roof Access Hatches

High-quality access hatches for safe entry and egress from your roof. We provide in-depth safety inspections and custom-designed roof hatch solutions to meet your specifications.

Roof Platforms

Access platforms make working from heights a breeze. Our roof platforms are compliant with Australian Standards AS1657 and are designed and installed to your specific site requirements.

Static Lines

Static lines provide effective fall protection and allows for freedom of movement and minimal restriction while working at heights. Unique surface mount technology is available for a range of roof deck profiles.

Height Safety Equipment

Making working at heights safer with comprehensive inspections, installation, testing and certification on fall arrest equipment and height safety systems.

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Anchored Height Safety

Reviews from Our Clients
Stephen Curtis recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Great communication before and during the job. The on-site workers were pleasant and helpful and the company went out of its way to ensure I was thoroughly satisfied with the end result. Would recommend highly.
Aaron Harvey recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Great service, easy to deal with, tech was helpful and on time!! Highly recommend.
Dean Strahan recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Really impressed with the service from Anchored, they came out to site on short notice and installed their product, can definitely recommend.
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