How Anchored Height Safety Revolutionised Documentation and Supercharged Efficiency with Bluebeam

The introduction of Bluebeam into Anchored Height Safety’s operations spelled a significant turning point.

Our Operational Challenge:

Before Bluebeam, the company was grappling with a slew of challenges tied to our documentation and workflow management.

We were heavily reliant on primitive manual techniques as well as dated software, which strangled our efficiency and productivity. The repercussions of these methods were painstakingly time-consuming tasks that fell short of the required documentation standards.

What was more, the archaic systems in place severely limited our capacity for effective collaboration, stiffening innovation and growth.

Our Long Term Solution:

The adoption of Bluebeam by our team signified a transformative shift in our operational approach. Bluebeam emerged as a complete solution, addressing the company’s persistent documentation hurdles. Its potent markup and feature management tools, coupled with an intuitive user interface, were pivotal in rationalising our processes.

Not only did this streamline tasks within our business, but it also fostered a more collaborative environment both within and outside our company. This strategic move towards digitisation effectively elevated Anchored Height Safety’s operational standards, driving our performance to new heights.

The Benefits of Using Bluebeam

Time Savings:

By leveraging Bluebeam’s efficient markup tools and customizable templates, we were able to drastically reduce the time spent on creating visually appealing and professional quotations, reports, and drawings. This translated to more productivity and increased workflow efficiency not just to our team but to our clients too.

Enhanced Documentation Quality:

Bluebeam’s advanced markup capabilities and comprehensive feature set took Anchored Height Safety’s documentation to a whole new level, aligning it with industry standards. This not only enhanced professionalism but also minimised potential risks associated with inadequate documentation, ensuring a safer and more reliable outcome.

Streamlined Collaboration:

The seamless integration of Bluebeam with our company’s job management system, AroFlo®, brought bidirectional traceability to the forefront, eliminating the hassles of manual data transfer. This created a streamlined collaboration between the office and field teams, guaranteeing accurate and real-time project information. Resulting in enhanced productivity and better project outcomes.

Bidirectional Traceability:

Through the integration of Bluebeam and AroFlo®, Anchored Height Safety implemented unique identifiers for drawings, ensuring that the latest version is always in use. This bidirectional traceability feature eliminated confusion and ambiguity, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow process for everyone involved in the project.

About Anchored Height Safety

With expertise in permanent anchor point installation, walkways, platforms, roof ladders, and rigid rail systems, Anchored Height Safety is your trusted partner for ensuring safety in a wide range of commercial and public infrastructure projects.

Our certified roof anchors and fall arrest equipment are meticulously designed to protect workers from serious injuries and save lives. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services including design and analysis, roof anchor testing, and audits of height safety equipment.

Collaborating with top-notch construction firms like Alimak, Texco, and Qanstruct, we play a crucial role in delivering safety outcomes, using cutting-edge tools like Bluebeam.

Meet Mark Anderson, our esteemed director, who transitioned into the height safety field after a successful 20-year career in automotive safety development at Bosch. With certifications as a PMP Project Manager and mechanical engineer, Mark brings extensive experience in software development to the table.

Before embracing Bluebeam, Anchored Height Safety encountered numerous challenges in its documentation and workflow processes, relying on outdated software and manual methods. This resulted in time-consuming tasks, subpar document quality, and limited collaboration capabilities.

Now, with our enhanced and efficient approach, we ensure that safety is at the forefront of every project, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Contact us today if you need help with your height safety project in Melbourne.
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