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Anchored Height Safety is the leading company in Melbourne, providing industry-leading height safety and roof access solutions. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures our clients receive the most reliable and sophisticated systems.

By understanding the specific needs and challenges faced across various sectors, Anchored Height Safety designs and installs tailored solutions that meet and exceed safety regulations. Whether fixed access ladders, guard rails, or bespoke roof access systems, our precision-engineered products guarantee the highest protection and operational efficiency.

Trust Anchored Height Safety to elevate safety standards and deliver custom-fit solutions that secure your workforce and assets at all heights.

Height Safety Solutions For Businesses In Melbourne

Access Stairs and Platforms

Access stairs and platforms provide safe and secure passage for individuals working at height. Through robust construction and ergonomic design, they ensure stability and reduce fall risk.

Fixed Access Ladders

Fixed access ladders are permanent fixtures designed for consistent and reliable access to elevated areas. They are constructed to comply with safety standards and facilitate secure climbs.

Guard and Handrails

Guard and handrails offer essential fall protection by creating barriers at the edges of platforms, walkways, and stairs, ensuring a safe working environment for personnel.

Roof Platforms

Mechanical platforms and screens provide mobile and adjustable work surfaces or protection from debris, allowing flexibility and safety when accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Overhead Rail Systems

Overhead rail systems enable secure attachment points for trolleys or lifting devices, facilitating the safe movement of equipment and personnel along a defined path above ground level.

Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches offer a secure entry point to roofs from interiors of buildings, designed to be weather-resistant while ensuring ease of use and compliance with safety regulations.

Roof Anchor Points

Roof anchor points are critical for fall arrest systems, providing secure attachment points for harnesses and lanyards to protect workers from heights-related hazards.

Roof Walkway Systems

Roof walkway systems create defined pathways on rooftops, enhancing safety by providing non-slip surfaces that protect roofing materials while allowing safe access.

Rope Access Systems

Rope access systems are employed for high-rise maintenance or inspection tasks, utilising specialised climbing and descent techniques to ensure worker safety and operational efficiency.

Static Line Systems

Static line systems offer continuous fall protection by providing an anchored line that workers can attach to as they move, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of falls.

Our height safety and roof access solutions consist of:

Industries We Cover

At Anchored, we specialise in providing top-notch height safety and roof access solutions tailored to various industries across Melbourne.

Our customised services are designed to meet the needs of self-managed facilities, manufacturing plants, large retail outlets, automotive businesses, schools, banks, shopping centres, hospitals, aged care facilities, hospitality venues, facility management companies, construction sites, strata properties, and local councils.

By prioritising safety and compliance, we ensure that your operations are secure and efficient, enhancing both safety and productivity in your workplace.

Self-managed Facilities

For self-managed facilities, we offer bespoke height safety and roof access solutions that help you maintain a high standard of operational safety and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Our solutions for manufacturing plants are designed to withstand the demands of high-intensity environments, providing robust and reliable safety measures to protect your workforce and operations.

Large Retail

In large retail outlets, our systems facilitate safe access for maintenance and inspections, minimising disruptions while maximising safety for both staff and customers.


Automotive businesses benefit from our comprehensive range of safety solutions, which are tailored to support routine maintenance and emergency access needs in complex environments.


We provide schools with effective height safety and roof access systems, ensuring a safe environment for educational activities and routine maintenance work.


For banks, our height safety and roof access solutions focus on securing sensitive areas, enabling safe access for maintenance tasks while protecting valuable assets.

Shopping Centres

Our solutions for shopping centres are designed to offer safe and easy access for maintenance teams, helping you maintain operational efficiency and safety for all visitors.


We provide hospitals with customised safety solutions that support essential maintenance operations, ensuring a safe and compliant environment for patients and staff.

Aged Care

In aged care facilities, we implement height safety and roof access systems that prioritise the well-being and safety of residents and staff members conducting maintenance tasks.


For hospitality venues, our systems provide safe access for maintenance and inspections, contributing to a secure and pleasant environment for guests and staff.

Facility Management

Facility management companies benefit from our tailored safety solutions, facilitating efficient and secure maintenance operations across diverse property portfolios.


Our solutions for construction sites ensure compliance with stringent safety standards, providing workers with reliable access options and enhancing site safety.


Strata properties have unique needs we address with specialised safety and access solutions, ensuring secure and compliant maintenance activities.


We assist local councils with height safety and roof access systems that support the maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure, promoting community safety and operational efficiency.


Height safety solutions are essential to building projects due to their significant role in ensuring the safety and security of all workers involved.

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