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Anchored Static Line Mounts

Horizontal Static Lines are excellent solutions to working at heights with minimal restriction. It allows personnel the freedom of movement whilst being connected to the system at all times.

Anchored’s unique surface mount technology provides the flexibility to mount the static line to many roof deck profiles, eliminating the traditional method of additional structure steel requirements.

Anchored uses only cutting-edge technology and quality materials to offer a strong and durable static line product. Our static lines can be affixed to any structure, providing it is capable of supporting the required load in relation to fall protection.

Our static safety line systems are professionally installed and ensure maximum protection while working at heights. Our static line systems are guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards. Work with peace of mind knowing that an Anchored static line has you covered.

Static lines are an effective and safety orientated solution when working at heights. Anchored’s main goal is to supply quality safety equipment so with us you’ll know that your workers are protected. What are you waiting for? Call us now to install your horizontal static lines.

Contact us on 03 9555 3586 for any query regarding static line systems. With us you’ll be guaranteed the best quality when it comes to your safety.

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