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Height Safety Equipment

Making Working at Heights Safer

Anchored offers the full scope of height safety and fall arrest equipment including:

  • Safety Harness
  • Lanyards
  • Fall Prevention Kits
  • Load Arrestors
  • Anchorage Connectors
  • Vertical & Horizontal Systems

Our motto is: No one plans to fall. It’s a simple motto, but a powerful one. Our work saves lives. It gives us great pleasure knowing we are making working at heights safer with our fall protection and fall arrest equipment and knowing that we directly help workers carry out their work in a safer environment.

It is important that you get the right advice and the right height safety equipment for all your work requirements. At Anchored, we take the time to understand your height safety needs, so that we can provide you with the knowledge and height safety equipment that you require to complete the job confidently and safely.

Our fall arrest and fall protection equipment is manufactured from premium quality materials, ensuring a solid construction to keep you and your workers safe. We provide comprehensive inspections, testing and certification on fall arrest equipment and height safety systems, we also do roof anchor testing and certification.

Anchored’s main goal is to supply quality height safety equipment so with us you’ll know that your workers are protected. Our height safety and fall arrest systems meet all regulatory safety and industry compliance standards. In addition to that, every Anchored installer has training in AS1891_4 and 1657 and the “Industry Code for Permanent Anchor Systems, Lifeline and Rail Installations for Working at Height”.

Never settle for less than the best when safety is involved. What are you waiting for? Call us now to discuss your height safety and fall protection equipment needs. Contact us on 03 9555 3586. With us, you’ll be guaranteed the best quality when it comes to your safety.

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