Avoiding Common Pitfalls With Height Safety Contractors

Ensure The Company You Choose Has The Correct Insurance

At Anchored Height Safety, we know that you need your service providers to have the right insurance as height safety installations and inspections involve a high level of risk. General ‘tradie’ insurance will not cover most works at height and typically specialised insurance will be required. We believe all height safety works need to be appropriately insured and here’s how you can ensure your service providers have the right insurance;

Ask for a copy of the company’s certificate of currency for public liability, professional indemnity, and workers’ compensation. Then, call the insurer named and ask them about the scope of the insurance in relation to the work, they will be able to tell you if the policy covers the type of work being performed
Review internal policies to assess what level and type of insurance are required
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Ensure The Company You Choose Is Accredited

Height safety companies and their employees must be competent, adequately trained, and complete appropriate accreditation courses, as well as, working at heights courses and any other relevant training.

Ask the height safety company to demonstrate their competence before accepting their work, this competence will be in regard to:

  • Acts
  • Regulations
  • Standards
  • Codes of Practice
  • Manufacturer’s specifications

Ensure The Company You Choose Is Using Compliant Equipment

The height safety company you choose must use compliant and safe equipment and that equipment should be approved by you prior to installation. You can ensure you approve of the equipment by requesting samples of the products and certificates of compliance from the manufacturer.

You can ask industry bodies, such as the Working At Heights Association for an opinion regarding the equipment.

Ensure testing equipment has been calibrated by requesting a copy of its test certificate and that it is within its calibration period.

Ensure The Company You Choose Is Using An Appropriate Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS, JSA Etc)

An SWMS will be required for most working at heights, ensure this document is adequate by:

  • Requesting a copy before any scheduled works
  • Checking that the SWMS is site-specific and addresses all site hazards
  • Control methods are in place for all the risks involved
  • Ensuring all persons involved in the works have read, understood, and signed the SWMS
  • Ensuring there is an Emergency Plan i.e., in case of fire etc
  • Ensuring there is an appropriate Rescue Plan that addresses suspension trauma in the event of a fall from height
  • Ensuring there is a method of review and enforcement of the SWMS

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Ensure The Height Safety Company Will Provide The Correct Handover Documentation

At the end of the project, you should receive the following documents;

  • Invoice
  • Warranty
  • As Built Drawings
  • User Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Certification Statement

Ask for examples of these documents before accepting any work, these documents need to align with your internal requirements and should be easy to understand.

Choose A Company You Like

Ensure the company can meet your needs by:

  • Taking note of their communication style
  • Consider their availability
  • Meet their team (Do they use subcontractors? Are you comfortable with this?)
  • Check reviews and references

As you will be working with this company, your values should align. You should have an enjoyable working relationship with the company and their people throughout the scope of the works.

Talk to us today about your height safety equipment, installation plans, certification and inspection requirements. We are ready to assist you.
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