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Anchored Height Safety is an established and recognised installer and certifier of height access, fall-arrest, roof anchor points and rescue systems. Anchored utilises equipment from leading manufacturers providing you with a quality product and an unrivalled product range. Anchored is able to provide you with the solution to any height safety and access related problem.

Knowing that you have high-quality anchor points, fall protection and height safety equipment that has been expertly installed, tested and certified can give you and your team the confidence they need when working at heights.

Certified roof anchors and fall arrest equipment protects workers from serious injury and safeguards lives. We have the essential tools, training and knowledge to conduct thorough and effective roof anchor testing and inspections, as well as design custom height safety solutions. Anchored also audit and conduct full design analysis of your height safety equipment at your request. We utilise innovative software for fast and accurate estimating, as well as to ensure complete accountability, transparency and job efficiency.

We work with vetted Height Safety partners covering all states and territories across Australia so that we can provide links or a single point of contact with these companies. Get in touch with Anchored Height Safety today on 03 9555 3586 to discuss your requirements or book a certification.

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Anchored Height Safety Solutions

“An appropriate, safe and compliant Height Safety System for every place of work.”

Complete height safety design, scope of works and cost analysis service for architects and project managers.

We utilise up to date software for mapping and mark-up, enabling fast and accurate estimating. All of our processes are recorded in our job management software to ensure accountability, transparency and job efficiency.

Installation and supply of height safety access systems and anchor points, no matter how complicated the job. Our team of Height Access Specialists and installers have a broad skill set which enables us to ensure that any project is delivered to the highest standards to meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Anchored Height Safety installers and estimators are trained with our suppliers and have had additional training in AS1891_4 and 1657 and the “Industry Code for Permanent Anchor Systems, Lifeline and Rail Installations for Working at Height”.

Height Safety Systems Re-Certification, providing complete inspection, testing, and certification of Fall Arrest, Roof Anchors and Rope Access Systems. Our team ensures that your systems are continuously maintained to meet Australian work standards.

We are also active members of the Australian Working At Height Association (WAHA)

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