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At Anchored we provide anchor points that are manufactured to the highest Australian Standard with premium quality components to provide excellent work safety while working at heights.

Installed by our height safety engineers, roof anchor points play a vital role in any fall protection system in order to prevent injury whilst working on high rise buildings or roofs.

You no longer have to worry about the height safety of your employees or contractors while on the job. Our roof anchor points are highly reliable and made from premium quality components in order to ensure longevity and utmost safety of those using them.

Attached to the roof and connected to lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-offs in order to secure the worker, anchor points is a must-have for any workers or contractor trying to complete a job at a considerable height.

Our range of roof anchor points are easy and practical to use and provide maximum protection,  independently tested and certified to comply with Australian Standards in order to ensure the safety of your workers at all times.

Our team of engineers and installers are well equipped and highly qualified – ensuring that each project is handled and completed with the utmost professionalism to ensure safety in and around the workplace.

What are you waiting for? At Anchored, your safety is our priority – ensuring that your business remains productive without compromising the safety of your workers. We offer safety equipment that is highly reliable at an affordable price.

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