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If your business needs to do regular rooftop maintenance, it’s essential to keep your employees and contract personnel safe. With roof walkways, you can provide safe passage during all maintenance and construction endeavours.

Anchored provides roof walkway systems that are made from the best high quality materials to guarantee your workers’ safety. Our wide range of walkway options that includes roof walkways and industrial walkways allows you to tailor your walkway requirements to suit your specific needs.


Why Consider Our Walkways

All of our height safety equipment are made with our clients in mind. Even our walkways are designed to ensure stability and prevent slippage. This means that your staff has better security and you can focus on your project.

We even offer aluminium roof walkway systems that won’t do any damage to your roof. Once your project is done, your roof will still look great.

Our walkway systems, ranging from aluminium to fibre construction, are guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards AS1657.


Types of Walkways

Aluminium Roof Walkways

Our high quality aluminium roof walkways are 600mm wide and can be bought in either 3m or 6m lengths. Aluminium is a noncorrosive material so it will be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and will give you much needed grip. We have many different options of walkways from walkway only, walkway levelled on a pitched roof, walkway with guardrails, single and double guardrails. Call us on 03 9555 3586 to discuss the best options for your project.

Fibreglass Roof Walkways

If you’d prefer an alternative to aluminium, we even provide fibreglass roof walkways. Fibre is a durable material that will prevent slippage and is lightweight. Our fibre walkways are available in 3.6m lengths.


We Can Help You

Our walkways are the best of the best. We offer you guaranteed safety and quality.

If you’d like more information about our roof walkways, feel free to contact us. Anchored provides the best roof safety equipment in Australia. We’re only a phone call away on 03 9555 3586.

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