The Importance Of Anchor Point Testing

The views you get to see when working from heights can be an incredible perk of the job if you have the stomach for it. However, working from heights also brings with it a multitude of risks which need to be constantly monitored and assessed to ensure maximum safety.

In this blog we will be discussing the importance of Anchor Testing. Read on to find out more about why it’s so important.

Pull testing is an essential part of installing critical infrastructure into concrete. For Anchor Points, the Australian Standard (AS1891_4) is clear that all friction or glued in anchor points require testing after their initial installation and every 12 months to make sure they have remained secure (section 3.1.2 (g)). Anyone trusting their life to an anchor point needs to be confident that the anchor point is going to stay in the wall or floor to which it is attached.

Pull testing for anchor points involves attaching a pull tester to the Anchor point and applying 50% of the design’s ultimate strength and holding it for 3 minutes. This may sound easy, but for a fall arrest anchor point where the design ultimate strength is 15kN, this means applying a pulling force of 7.5kN. If this were a weight hanging vertical, it would be over 750 kg!

At Anchored we have several sets of calibrated pull testing equipment, we also get the opportunity to test other glued in bolts. In this particular case, one of our installers had the chance to view Melbourne from a different perspective. On a quiet Sunday morning, we completed pull testing for bolts retaining telecommunication equipment to the side of a building.


In the past, we have also completed pull testing for bolts retaining vertical gardens and other equipment or decorative features. As you can imagine it is important that these bolts can withstand the weight of the vertical garden or decorative installation.

When testing your anchor points, be sure to ensure that the provider is using calibrated equipment and is knowledgeable in the testing process. At Anchored, we can provide you with all licenses and registrations to give you peace of mind that our experts and equipment are qualified for the job.

If you require a height safety solution or testing for your premises or project, call the expert Height Safety professionals at Anchored on (03) 9555 3586. Anchored can provide you with the solution to any height safety and access related problem.

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