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Melbourne’s Manufacturing Partner In Height Safety

Looking for the most trusted height safety experts for your manufacturing business in Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place.

Working at height presents many risks and hazards, from falling, to the potential of equipment-related injuries. These risks are amplified in the manufacturing sector, where employees may be required to work at substantial heights routinely.

Understanding these inherent risks, it becomes crucial to collaborate with a trusted partner like Anchored Height Safety. We are a Melbourne-based company specialising in height safety in the manufacturing industry, committed to ensuring the well-being of your workforce above ground level. Our proven track record and years of expertise in providing comprehensive height safety solutions make us an ideal partner for your manufacturing needs.

With Anchored Height Safety, you can rest assured that our priority is your team’s protection. We offer various services, from safety equipment supply to risk assessments and training, all dedicated to minimising any potential risks associated with working at elevated heights. The quality of our solutions and the dedication of our team set us apart as Melbourne’s premier experts in height safety. By partnering with us; you’re not merely complying with safety regulations but also reinforcing a culture of safety and well-being within your organisation.

We Offer Height Safety Services Including:

High-quality Height Safety Products

For Manufacturing Industry in Melbourne

Roof Anchor Points

Roof Ladders

Roof Handrails

Roof Walkways

Roof Access Hatches

Roof Platforms

Static Lines

Height Safety Equipment

Comprehensive Height Safety Inspections

  • Inspect system components thoroughly for any visual issues.

  • Recommend strategies to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Conduct comprehensive pull and load tests on the system.

  • Analyse the types of tasks being performed.

  • Evaluate the heights at which these tasks are performed.

  • Identify and address any fall hazards that need immediate attention.

Who We Are

At Anchored Height Safety, we pride ourselves on being Melbourne’s leading specialists in height safety inspection. Our process is meticulous and comprehensive, starting with a thorough risk assessment. We identify potential hazards and provide insightful recommendations tailored to your site conditions.

What sets us apart is we highly value insurance, simple yet accurate and professional documentation, competence and communication.

Our team are fully insured; we use Bluebeam applications for documentation and to streamline our business processes; we’re competent and proud members of WAHA; we communicate through high-end tools and devices and present our recommendations and reports professionally – all the time.

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Anchored Height Safety

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Reviews from Our Clients
Stephen Curtis recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Great communication before and during the job. The on-site workers were pleasant and helpful and the company went out of its way to ensure I was thoroughly satisfied with the end result. Would recommend highly.
Aaron Harvey recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Great service, easy to deal with, tech was helpful and on time!! Highly recommend.
Dean Strahan recommends Anchored Height Safety.
Anchored Height Safety
Really impressed with the service from Anchored, they came out to site on short notice and installed their product, can definitely recommend.
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