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Anchored is one of the leading height safety engineering companies in Australia which means that we have extensive experience in the design and installation of roof access hatches in Melbourne. Our roof hatch manufacturers only use the best materials to ensure that our products comply with Australian Standards.

These roof access hatches give you safe internal access and egress to your roof. As a result, it’s the perfect solution to allow maintenance personnel and contractors effective entry. You can even use a residential roof access hatch in your own home.

Each roof hatch is manufactured as a prefabricated unit. They’re lightweight, robust, easy to install. Our strong relationship with our roof hatch suppliers guarantees that our roof access hatch price is highly affordable and that they’re always reliable.

No matter what your requirements are, each roof access hatch can be custom designed to meet your site requirements. You can pick certain aspects such as whether you want an insulated roof hatch, what material your roof hatch is made of or if you want a flat roof hatch.


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Roof access hatches are an effective and safety orientated solution. Anchored’s main goal is to supply quality safety equipment so with us you’ll know that your workers are protected. What are you waiting for? Call us now to install your roof access hatch in Melbourne.

Contact us on 03 9555 3586. With us you’ll be guaranteed the best quality when it comes to your safety.

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