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Certification of Anchor Points and Height Safety Equipment

Did you know that Australian Standards require ALL height safety systems have a safety inspection annually due to the high-risk nature of working at heights?

When it comes to roof anchor testing and safety inspection requirements, Anchored Height Safety is the best in the business. With Anchored, you can get full roof anchor inspection, testing and certification of fall arrest and rope access systems.


How Can We Help You?

All professionals who work at great heights know that safety is critical. Whether you’re a builder, painter, roofer, plumber, window washer or worker in any other trade-based field, you are Anchored’s priority. At Anchored, we recognise the risk that people face when working within these fields and do everything in our power to combat it.

Our number one defence against height related incidents is providing in-depth safety inspections of your worksite/property to ensure that you meet all roof anchor point requirements. This helps to make sure you, your staff and your building are totally safe, no matter what heights people are working at.

As a result, you can avoid workplace accidents because the proper precautions are in place and they’ve been regularly checked and updated by trustworthy certification teams like ours.


Safety Inspections on Offer

Our height safety engineers are here to provide you with all the safety inspections you need, including:

  • Annual roof access inspection
  • Roof anchor point testing
  • Inspection of all personal protection equipment used onsite (to make sure it’s documented in the Equipment Inspection Register and to assess its performance)
  • All inspections as per Australian Standard 1891.4 Appendix C & D
  • Check that anchors are individually tagged and identified for accuracy of record keeping

Height Safety System checks are the responsibility of your business. This means that you must ensure that all your roof anchor inspections and other height safety requirements are maintained. This will allow your company to ensure a safe working environment that complies with Australian legislation.

You can achieve a safe working environment by trusting Anchored Height Safety. You’ll be guaranteed that all aspects of your height safety systems inspections are covered because we have the necessary knowledge and tools. We even offer services in auditing and design analysis as well as the supply, installation and maintenance of safety equipment.


Reasons Why You Need Height Safety Inspections

It’s important to note that even if you previously complied with height safety systems, it can be rendered unsafe due to:

  • Non-compliant installation
  • Structural change
  • Compromised building material due to weather, rust, stress, or vibration weakening
  • Damaged height safety equipment fixtures due to misuse


Why We’re the Best In The Business

All of our award-winning products and top-quality height safety systems meet roof anchor points Australian industry standards. Our qualified height specialists are experienced in all industries so we’re confident they can provide the solutions you’re looking for.

We’re also accredited in all aspects of height safety, access and fall protection and meet all Australian codes, standards and legislations. On top of this, we’ll even remind you when you’re due for future re-certification so we can ensure that you meet safety compliance obligations.


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No matter what architectural makeup your venue has, Anchored Height Safety will make it safe and secure at all heights. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss your certification and safety inspection needs.

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