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Residential Anchor Point Installation

Anchor points are not just for major construction sites, they can also be installed on residential buildings and structures. We are seeing people investigating and installing anchor points on their residential houses, holiday houses or rental properties in order to enable safe working on the roof for tradespeople. Roof Anchor points are a height safety solution suitable for work such as servicing air conditioning units, washing solar cells or cleaning gutters.

In this installation, we used Sayfa AP130A’s, which are an excellent option for corrugated roofs, where fall protection only is needed. The anchor points were coupled with the LD402 Ladder bracket and a strop to enable safe access to the roof.


The anchor height safety system for this particular installation includes; the anchor points, a harness and an appropriate energy absorber. The owners of this lovely residence now have a quality, certified height safety system installed; they can move safely around the roof to clean their gutters and solar panels safe in the knowledge that a slip will not result in a trip to a hospital or worse.

Did you know that Australian Standards require ALL height safety systems be inspected annually due to the high-risk nature of working at heights? Regardless of whether it’s commercial or residential, the experienced team of height safety professionals at Anchored can complete installation, inspection and certification of all anchor points and height safety equipment.

When it comes to roof anchor testing and safety inspection requirements, Anchored Height Safety is the best in the business. With Anchored, you can get full roof anchor inspection, testing and certification of fall arrest and rope access systems.

If you require a height safety solution on your property, call the expert Height Safety professionals at Anchored on (03) 9555 3586. Anchored Height Safety can provide you with the solution to any height safety and access related problem.

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