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Recent Projects

Swanston Central

For this project, we worked with Multiplex on their Swanston Central construction project. Working closely with Tier 1 builders is always an interesting and challenging time.

We were engaged to provide access to the internal facade so that abseilers could safely get over the edges of the external facade to carry out works and clean windows as part of the pending completion of the project. Construction is expected to be complete in the last quarter of 2019.

As part of our involvement in the project, we installed 174m of elevated walkway. We worked closely with the builder and our supplier to ensure that we could meet and exceed the requirements of the project.

As you can see this job takes a good head for heights!

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Safe Working Platform – Elevated Walkway System

Improving worker conditions, we were approached by a client who was looking to improve the conditions for their staff who were working at heights. At Anchored, we take worker safety and eliminating fall risks very seriously. Our motto is ‘no one plans to fall. We knew we were the right team for the job, and could provide safety equipment and peace of mind for this client.

Providing safety and practicality – Height safety is a vital aspect of occupational health and safety in the workplace, so we were tasked with working out a system that would provide safety for the client’s workers every day. We also wanted this roof platform system to be practical and easy to use on a daily basis. We came up with a custom design for the client that had top safety features, yet did not require sacrificing too much floor space. At Anchored we recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all build. We know the importance of designing and building custom setups that suit the needs of our individual clients. This ensures the client gets the best product for their needs.

We carried out our installation on the weekend as to not disturb the daily workings of our client, and were able to finish installation in a timely manner. The client was pleased that we were able to accommodate them in this way. At Anchored, we always try our best to accommodate our clients and minimise the time we are disturbing their daily activities, as we recognise how important it is for businesses to continue productivity.

Council Project – Installation of Edge Protection

Technicians worried about safety

Anchored received a call from the Council on behalf of the mechanical air-conditioning technicians they had contracted to work on their air conditioning system. The technicians felt unsafe while trying to access the air conditioning units on the roof, as they would have had to walk across the awning. We installed both a ladder bracket and roof guard rails in order to ensure safety and peace of mind for the technicians so they could complete their job.

A solution for all parties – we installed a roof ladder bracket and 24 metres of guard rail to provide a safe route across the roof to the air conditioning units. A ladder bracket is used to safely mount a ladder to the entrance point, which removes any risk of the ladder sliding to either side. It will also ensure the ladder has no chance of slipping where it meets the ground, providing the ring of the ladder is placed over the ladder hook.

The air conditioning technicians were very pleased with our additions, and felt very safe making their way on to the roof to complete their job. At Anchored, worker safety is our top priority, so our team was extremely satisfied knowing we had provided the technicians with safety measures they required in order to complete their work.

Anchored was very satisfied with the outcome of this job, as we were able to have happy customers in the air conditioner technicians, their employers, as well as the Council. All in all, it was a job well done.

Metro Rail Tunnel Project – Safety Cage Fabrication

We recently received contact from The Melbourne Rail Tunnel, one of Australia’s biggest projects, requesting to install safety cages. The Melbourne Rail Tunnel required safety cages to be fitted on to their plant equipment in order to ensure workers are not at risk when using the equipment.

Ensuring safety for workers – Our motto at Anchored is no one plans to fall, and providing a safe environment for our clients is our number one priority. The main objective for the Melbourne Rail Tunnel project was to eliminate the fall risk when accessing the upper level of the crane and piling equipment. Workers at the Melbourne Rail Tunnel were previously at risk of falling while working on cranes or other piling equipment. It was necessary to install safety cages to ensure that workers were not at risk while on the job.

We were able to complete the work while the plant was at rest, so the team were not disturbed during the time we were installing the safety cages. This level of collaboration is what we love to achieve with our clients, as it results in high satisfaction from all parties. Our team was able to get to work immediately after the initial call, where we began designing and fabricating the materials right away. The site safety team were very impressed with the turnaround of the work, from the first call to the completion of the project. This was very important to us, as we believe it is of the utmost importance to deliver a job to the satisfaction of our clients every single time.

Bentleigh – New Development

We assisted the builder at very short notice to install a plant platform for the mechanical services to the block of apartments and installed rope access anchors to allow window cleans access to the windows on the building.

  • Even though the notice was short notice, we installed the platform within 48 hours’ notice. By doing this the builder did not have any hold ups for the other trades on the project.
  • We work closely with our clients to give them the best height safety solution to achieve what it is they need to achieve.
  • We work closely with our clients to give them the best height safety solution to achieve what it is they need to achieve.
  • With safety: If in doubt, ask Anchored!

Moorabbin Project

For this project we worked with Qanstruct to deliver a high quality safety system. We installed:

  • roof access system with a 9.6m ladder with fall arrest line to protect the user when climbing the ladder.
  • 2x 4.5m caged ladders set at 70 degrees.
  • We also put handrails and anchor points to keep the various trades safe while on the roof.
  • Using signs we clearly marked where the no go zones are to further point out the dangers to the trades people while working at heights.

The client was happy with the install and professionalism of Anchored. As such we continue to do projects together.

If you want further information on this job or any others please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fairfield Project

We were contacted by this client very late in their project. They had not considered their roof safety equipment and it was classified as an urgent job.

We provided a design an installed within 4 days. This is not always achievable or advisable but we strive to provide solutions for our clients. The job comprised of:

  • 65m Aluminium Walkway.
  • 3m fold down hand rail.
  • Access to 3 lower roofs.
  • 3 sided handrail at hatch.
  • Anchor points.

If you need assistance with current or future projects. Please get in touch.

No one plans to fall! If in doubt, ask!!!

Melbourne Project

This project was for a very large client that wishes to remain private. The client does not allow photos generally but we were granted approval on the basis that we only photographed our work.

We erected handrail edge protection to protect the workers while at heights. This is the best form of protection as it’s eliminates the risk of falling by removing the live edge.

It’s always important to be careful when working near an edge regardless of handrail. We always recommend checking all handrails regularly to ensure its integrity has not been compromised.

The workers and maintenance contractors would normally have to use a full body harness and anchor points. But by providing them with the handrail they can now access the area without the need to put on harnesses.

Altona – New development

This was great project for one of our large commercial/industrial builders.

We installed 3 ladders and a pull down access ladder to provide the client with access from the office to the main building roof and access to the two canopies at each side of the development.

  • All ladders were installed to Australian Standards using Sayfa products.
  • We installed a pull down ladder which gives you access from the office to the office roof.
  • Around the roof hatch, we installed a 3 sided handrail for protection around the roof hatch.
  • We always work closely with the builder to ensure a speedy installation

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