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Recent Projects

Drummond St Project

This job we worked closely with Sayfa to deliver the client a Safe Working Solution for this high quality renovation. The building has heritage status so we needed to be selective about the visual aesthetics of the products used. 

We used ladder brackets to gain access to the roof via a portable ladder with an Anchor point and a Strop sometimes called First Man Line. This enables the user to attach to the Strop with his/her harness before stepping onto the roof. 

Static lines were used to make it easy to move across the roof with out having to disconnect from the line. 

Small ladders and platforms were used to ensure safe access and egress from the different levels on the roof.

If you have any questions about this project or others please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


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Bentleigh – New Development

We assisted the builder at very short notice to install a plant platform for the mechanical services to the block of apartments and installed rope access anchors to allow window cleans access to the windows on the building.

  • Even though the notice was short notice, we installed the platform within 48 hours’ notice. By doing this the builder did not have any hold ups for the other trades on the project.
  • We work closely with our clients to give them the best height safety solution to achieve what it is they need to achieve.
  • We work closely with our clients to give them the best height safety solution to achieve what it is they need to achieve.
  • With safety: If in doubt, ask Anchored!

Moorabbin Project

For this project we worked with Qanstruct to deliver a high quality safety system. We installed:

  • roof access system with a 9.6m ladder with fall arrest line to protect the user when climbing the ladder.
  • 2x 4.5m caged ladders set at 70 degrees.
  • We also put handrails and anchor points to keep the various trades safe while on the roof.
  • Using signs we clearly marked where the no go zones are to further point out the dangers to the trades people while working at heights.

The client was happy with the install and professionalism of Anchored. As such we continue to do projects together.

If you want further information on this job or any others please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fairfield Project

We were contacted by this client very late in their project. They had not considered their roof safety equipment and it was classified as an urgent job.

We provided a design an installed within 4 days. This is not always achievable or advisable but we strive to provide solutions for our clients. The job comprised of:

  • 65m Aluminium Walkway.
  • 3m fold down hand rail.
  • Access to 3 lower roofs.
  • 3 sided handrail at hatch.
  • Anchor points.

If you need assistance with current or future projects. Please get in touch.

No one plans to fall! If in doubt, ask!!!

Melbourne Project

This project was for a very large client that wishes to remain private. The client does not allow photos generally but we were granted approval on the basis that we only photographed our work.

We erected handrail edge protection to protect the workers while at heights. This is the best form of protection as it’s eliminates the risk of falling by removing the live edge.

It’s always important to be careful when working near an edge regardless of handrail. We always recommend checking all handrails regularly to ensure its integrity has not been compromised.

The workers and maintenance contractors would normally have to use a full body harness and anchor points. But by providing them with the handrail they can now access the area without the need to put on harnesses.

Altona – New development

This was great project for one of our large commercial/industrial builders.

We installed 3 ladders and a pull down access ladder to provide the client with access from the office to the main building roof and access to the two canopies at each side of the development.

  • All ladders were installed to Australian Standards using Sayfa products.
  • We installed a pull down ladder which gives you access from the office to the office roof.
  • Around the roof hatch, we installed a 3 sided handrail for protection around the roof hatch.
  • We always work closely with the builder to ensure a speedy installation

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