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Roof Ladders

Roof Ladders

Are you looking for safe access roof ladders to ensure the safety of your employees? At Anchored, we offer custom-designed roof access ladders to meet all of your site requirements.

We can design and manufacture industrial roof ladders providing safe and stable roof access for you and your employees. Our access ladders are made of high-grade specialist Aluminium. Each roof access ladder frame is built with high-grade materials to increase sturdiness. On top of this, each rung is manufactured with safety grips to give you and your staff superior stability.

Every access ladder manufactured by Anchored is compliant with the Australian Standard AS1657-2013. With our ladder fall protection systems, you’ll have guaranteed safety when using an access ladder from Anchored.

You can even order a variety of optional extras to increase your safety measures. These add-ons include stable work platforms, lockable doors, and gates to prevent unauthorised access.

We have all types of access ladders that will suit all potential requirements. We can help you find the best roof ladder for your situation – Just ask us!

Types of Ladders

Caged Ladder Systems

If your staff is working at heights, it’s important to ensure their safety. By using fixed ladders with safety cages, you give them added security so that their job performance can improve. Caged ladders are used in many different applications and are suitable for heights of up to 6.0m.

Caged Platform Ladder Systems

If you need to go even higher, why not consider caged platform ladder systems? With these KATT Vertical Cage Ladders with change of direction platforms, you can go as high as 12m.

Fall Arrest Ladders with Vertical Fall Arrest Cables

Vertical ladder fall arrest systems are used in situations where caged ladders are impractical. Using harnesses and cables, these ladders increase workers’ safety. They can be used for heights up to 12m.

Step Ladders and Bridges

Step ladders and bridges are useful across a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Ours are 150kg industrial rated. Highly sought after by mechanical contractors for accessing their equipment for future maintenance. Our step ladder systems can be found in all types of buildings.

Pull Down Ladders

We offer three sizes of pull down attic ladders so pick one according to what you’re looking for. Our pull down ladders are labelled as compact, commercial and maxi. Pull down ladders are used as a safe access to roof hatches. This is a safer option to the user and to the property owner. Having a pull down ladder saves tradespeople having to bring a ladder with them that can lead to damage to the walls and the paintwork. You can always contact us for more information about pull down attic ladders.

Mini Access Ladders

Mini access ladders are often used to get from one roof to another or over a parapet to another part of the roof. They are used in applications up to 3.4m and come with grabrails

Our Quality is Guaranteed

When it comes to Anchored’s product range, we’re unrivalled. Whether you’re looking for an industrial fall arrest ladder or pull down ladder for your residence, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our roof access ladders are corrosion resistant and easy to install. It’s clear that our ladders for roof access are more than a basic system, they’re designed for safety and ease of use.

We partner with leading height safety equipment suppliers to guarantee your safety. We work with vetted Height Safety partners covering all states and territories across Australia so that we can provide links or a single point of contact.

Our clients are our number one priority, so we work closely with suppliers to ensure that we deliver the best roof ladder products for our clients’ project needs. Every Anchored installer has training in AS1891_4 and 1657 and the “Industry Code for Permanent Anchor Systems, Lifeline and Rail Installations for Working at Height”. We always work in a timely manner and make sure our deadlines are met so that you can work with peace of mind knowing your staff members are safe.

If you want more information about or quality roof access ladders, contact us on 03 9555 3586. For more information on our other available products, such as roof anchors or roof safety rails, visit the product pages or get in touch.

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