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How To Use A Roof Ladder: 10 Essential Safety Tips

Whether you’re using your ladder around the home or on a worksite, it’s important that safe use of the ladder is being conducted at all times. Follow these 10 essential safety tips for using a roof ladder, so that you and your workmates can make it home safely.

How To Safely Use A Roof Ladder

  1. Choose an appropriate ladder for the job. When working on top of a single story roof an extension ladder is recommended. Before you start the job, ensure that your ladder is in good working condition and not damaged in any way. Your ladder should meet Australian standards and the load requirements of the job. Need a new ladder? At Anchored, we have all types of roof access ladders that will suit a number of applications.
  2. Check the working load limit. The working load limit on your ladder includes the weight of the user and anything they carry. Never exceed this weight limit.
  3. Check for surrounding hazards. When setting up your ladder, ensure you check there are no hazards around such as power lines or doorways. Also, check that the ground is level and the ladder isn’t placed on anything that may slip while in use.
  4. Use the 4:1 ratio rule. When placing your ladder use the 4 to 1 ratio rule; this means that for every 4m of height you climb, move the base of the ladder out 1m from the structure.
  5. Secure the ladder. When using an extension ladder, secure the ladder at the bottom or have someone hold the bottom of the ladder for you whilst you climb up the ladder and secure the top with rope.
  6. Easy access points. If you’re on a worksite, ensure there is an approved height safety access point setup and that the ladder extends 900mm beyond the step-up point (1m in some states, check with your relevant authority) making it easy to move from the ladder to the roof.
  7. One person at a time. Make sure only one person uses the ladder at any time.
  8. Three points of contact. When using the ladder maintain 3 points of contact at all times. This means you should have one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot on the ladder at all times.
  9. Don’t stand at the top of the ladder. When working from the ladder remain at least 900mm below the top of the ladder. It’s recommended that you don’t stand on the top 3 rungs of the ladder.
  10. Never lean or reach away from the ladder. A good guide for this is to work with your belt buckle between the 2 ladder stiles. This will help you to keep your centre of balance near the ladder and avoid overbalancing.

At Anchored, we offer custom-designed roof access ladders to meet all of your site requirements. Every access ladder manufactured by Anchored is compliant with the Australian Standard AS1657-2013. We also have a variety of optional extras to increase your ladder’s safety measures, such as lockable doors and gates to prevent unauthorised access. Get in touch today on (03) 9555 3586 to find out more about our Roof Access Ladders.

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